Dress Code Expectations

Students at the Adult Transition Program (ATP) should dress according to school guidelines.  Clothing must not jeopardize the health or safety of the wearers or others or cause distraction to the educational process. Clothing must be clean and cover all undergarments. Strapless clothing, bare midriffs, and bare backs are not appropriate for the ATP. Clothing needs to be modest in terms of length and coverage while not being a distraction to instruction. Any clothing that suggests alcohol, drugs, or tobacco use, weapons or violence, racial or general intolerance, gang involvement or sexual content is forbidden.  Students will be asked to change their attire or they will be sent home. Footwear must be worn at all times. Hats, hoods, bandanas, and wallet chains are prohibited. Questionable attire will be left to the discretion of the staff.

We at the ATP are expected to dress as though we are going to our job. We are training for life as an adult after 22 years of age. When you go to a job you need to dress appropriately.  Most jobs will not allow for casual attire, we need to begin practicing appropriate dress daily. If you are not dressed appropriately for the job assignment in the community we have arranged for you, you will not be allowed to go to work. Your teacher will always notify you if there are unique attire requirements for a job you are going to be fulfilling.